We invite you to come out and try croquet at another level with 2-3 versions of the game besides the standard 9-Wicket backyard game that many of us grew up with.

We are a friendly group who would enjoy introducing you to the challenging game we love.

If you find that you are enjoying our introduction and great facilities, you can consider joining us for a reasonable annual fee equivalent to the cost of playing golf 2-3 times.

If you've played with us and decided to join, your membership includes:

1) Membership to the United States Croquet Association with its publications, and enables you to participate in USCA sanctioned events.
2) Use of designated croquet playing areas at LaFortune Park without fees.

3) Use of all TCC equipment including mallets, balls, wickets and other related items.

4) Tuesday Night Croquet with club members.

Tulsa Croquet Club annual dues are $100/individual or $115/couple.