Below is a listing of events
  1. 2017 Tulsa Spring Tournament
    May 27 thru 29, The Gardens at Lafortune Park
    Practice Friday at noon Block play Saturday and Sunday Playoffs on Monday
  2. 2016 Tulsa Classic Fall Tournament
    The 2016 Tulsa Classic Tournament will be USCA American Six-Wicket Singles and Waterford Doubles in 3 flights at The Gardens at LaFortune Park in Tulsa on September 3-5 with the addition of the First Friday Concert (blues) at courtside the night before tournament play. Practice on Friday must be picked up by 4:00 pm for the park to setup for the concert. Results: Championship Flight Singles: First: Matt Griffith, Second: Kevin McQuigg, Third: Wendell Thompson First Flight Singles: First: Joe Steiner, Second: Ron Millican, Third: Conner Helms Second Flight Singles: First: Micah Klumb, Second: Ellie Kemp, Third: Peter Pendergrass
  3. 2016 ScissorTail Invitational
    2016 OKC ScissorTail Invitational, September 22-24, 2016 (Tentative Dates)
  4. 2017 Midwest Regional Tournament
    September 1 thru 4, 2017, Gardens at LaFortune Park
    Practice at noon on Friday Block play on Saturday and Sunday Championship playoff on Monday
  5. 2018 Indian Territory Open
    The Gardens at Lafortune, Tulsa OK
    Finishing order: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc Championship Singles: Matt Smith, George Cochran, Scott Spradling, Billy Bob Breeden, Matt Baird, Rich Schiller, Conner Helms, Kevin McQuigg, Ron Eccles, Joe Steiner, Wendell Thompson First Flight Singles: Stephen Jackson, Doug Ledgett, Ron Millican, Debbie Millican, Harold Menzel, Suzanne Spradling, Jon Spaulding, Andree Bothe, Greg Adams, Joe Schulte, Huston Huffman, Jodi Adams Second Flight Singles: Valeri Terry, Peter Pendergrass, Charlie Keegan, Zachary Adams, Lisa Davoli Championship Doubles: Matt Smith/Billy Bob Breeden, Scott Spradling/Conner Helms, Rich Schiller/Valeri Terry, Ron Eccles/Joe Steiner, Matt Baird/Kevin McQuigg, George Cochran/Wendell Thompson First Flight Doubles: Doug Ledgett/Stephen Jackson, Jon Spaulding/Andree Bothe, Ron Millican/Greg Adams, Harold Menzel/Joe Schulte, Suzanne Spradling/Pat Garner, Bob Baker/Tad Cassidy, Debbie Millican/Jodi Adams, Huston Huffman/Lisa Davoli, Howard Holdsclaw/Lois Holdsclaw Second Flight Doubles: Karen Hampton/Peter Pendergrass, Charlie Keegan/Zachary Adams
  6. 2018 Midwest Regional
    Tournament Results
    ChampionShip Singles: 1st: Sherif Abdelwahab, 2nd: Macey White, 3rd: Scott Spradling tied with Kevin Mcquigg. Tied for 5th: Britt Ruby, Matt Baird, Sandra Walsh, Joe Steiner, Tied for 9th: Conner Helms & Russell Dilley, Tied for 11th: Joe Yoder & Ron Eccles First Flight Singles: 1st: Brian Hovis, 2nd: Huston Huffman, tied for 3rd: Harold Menzel & Dale Jordan, tied for 5th: Ron Millican, Doug Ledgett, Suzanne Spradling & Jon Spaulding, 6th Place: Joe Schulte, 7th place: Deborah Millican Championship Doubles: 1st: Matt Baird/Kevin McQuigg, 2nd: Britt Ruby/Joe Yoder, tied for 3rd: Sherif Abdelwahab/Sandra Walsh & Macey White/Joe Steiner, 5th: Scott Spradling/Russell Dilley, 6th: Conner Helms/Huston Huffman, 7th: Ron Eccles/Deborah Millican First Flight Doubles: Jon Spaulding/Dale Jordan, 2nd: Joe Schulte/Brian Hovis, tied for 3rd: Ron Millican/Harold Menzel & Doug Ledgett/Suzanne Spradling, 5th Bob Baker/Karen Hampton